I ‘ve been always fascinated by history…

Ancient, middle ages and recent…. I remember myself as a child saying that I would love to have a time machine, in order to visit my hometown and many other cities and countries, so that I could see how places, familiar to me, were at those times and eras.

In a small research that I made (in the internet, of course), I found sketches and pictures taken (or created) many years ago, showing Heraklion (my hometown) and many buildings, monuments and places, that in now days, are undetected or getting unnoticed due to our daily stressful routine.

Pictures from the way our port originally was, till buildings with a magnificent structure that got lost and demolished as the time and wars passed.

It is very sad to realize how much different our city would have been, if someone or some people in the right positions, had given the appropriate care in the heritage of our town.

Fountains, historical buildings and corners with glorious past, have been hidden or even buried by modern ones or by the “needs” of a modern city. Spots that could make us appreciate more the place that we live in, a place full of memories, and also a place that could make every visitor to admire it.


It is always necessary the existence of cement and asphalt , but to be space for the marbles and plaster, upon which history has been written.

Wish, eventually, everyone starts appreciate the real inheritage of our home and try to support and promoting it.

photos by : Junxxie , BlackSignOfDeath