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my Amsterdam

You are enjoying a drink in a canal cafe, listening to some jazz. Some guy with a weird hairdo is playing his trumpet on the nutshell of a boat. A costumed manager riding his bike is passing by while a young woman having lunch break, is rolling a joint. Weird? Well, not in Amsterdam…

At first, it was curiosity and i have to thank  IamExpat for that. I only knew Amsterdam by rumors that came along with it. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Probably, i thought it would be some place unusual. Which it is, the good way though.

And when i stepped my foot there, something really caught my eye.

The true feeling of Amsterdam is something you really have to taste. It’s an unprecedented experience that will make your inner world reach a higher point. And it is not about pot, well at least it is not just about it. Because let’s face it; It’s part of the journey.

A little big city, with nothing to feel jealous of other major cities. Beautiful architecture, lovely photography, obvious creativity. Versatile and multicultural. Different races and cultures are mixed together in a wonderful mosaic, that makes you feel that the whole world is lying upon your feet.

Art is almost everywhere, Museumplein of course (museum square, in English, where famous Van Gogh museum is placed), in your neighborhood, where you stand and if you feel tired, just stop and enjoy a cold beer in Cafe Belgique where some of the most hidden treasures in Amsterdam, are revealed.

After that refreshing break, you will still get on your bicycle and ride back home, by crossing those beautiful canals, in one of the most Eco-friendly, flat cities in the world.

Obviously, a city that sells cannabis or prostitution as easy as selling tulips, you understand why you really don’t have to feel shame about anything. Tolerance is a beloved word in Amsterdam, but laws are laws. Feel the atmosphere and let yourself  be part of of totally different world, so close to your mind’s…

p.s. this small article is dedicated to my friends at  . thanks guys, keep on


thought of the night #2

We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls.

Anais Nin



this  quote, is written in Sofia,Bulgaria

take care

Paris through my eyes…

Καιρό τώρα ήθελα να δείξω κάτι από το πρόσφατο ταξίδι μου στην πόλη του φωτός. Ελπίζω να σας αρέσει…

you may try it in full-screen mode cause it’s High Definition…

Να περνάτε καλά…

For expats of all colours, shapes & sizes

Καλησπέρα καλησπέρα, τώρα θα αναρωτιέστε τι θέλει να πει ο ποιητής…

Και μπαίνω στο θέμα… Πόσοι από εσάς δεν έχετε σκεφτεί να ζήσετε στο εξωτερικό? Πόσοι και πόσοι δεν έχετε βαρεθεί την καθημερινότητά σας? Παραδεχτείτε ότι είναι λίγοι εκείνοι που δεν το έχουν σκεφτεί.Κι όσοι λένε “όχι”,θεωρώ ότι απλά δεν το παραδέχονται.Το να το σκεφτούν εννοώ,όχι το να το πράξουν.Αυτό είναι μια άλλη ιστορία.

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